'Dead Man' Spotted Munching Momos In Noida By Alleged Murderer After Missing From Bihar 4 Months Ago

A man thought to be dead was found having momos at a stall in Noida. Coincidently, his brother-in-law, who was accused of murdering him, spotted him alive. The man from Bihar was then taken to a police station.

Updated Jun 14, 2023 | 01:32 PM IST

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Dead Man Spotted Munching Momos In Noida By Alleged Murderer After Missing From Bihar 4 Months Ago
  • A Bihari man named Nishant Kumar went missing in January.
  • His family believed he was killed by his brother-in-law.
  • He was recently spotted eating momos in Noida.
The world is not new to incidents of dead people turning up alive, causing shock and disbelief among their loved ones and the community. One man from Bihar, who was thought to have been dead, was found munching momos at a street stall in Noida. Funnily, he was found by his brother-in-law, who was falsely accused of his murder.
Nishant Kumar from Dhruvganj, Bhagalpur, went missing on January 31 while he was at his in-laws' house. Spon after Kumar's disappearance, all fingers pointed at his brother-in-law Ravi Shankar. Kumar's family accused Shankar of kidnapping Kumar and even killing him. The allegations were extremely hurtful to Shankar's family that his elder uncle reportedly died of shock.
However, things took a different turn recently. The event leading to the turn took place at a momos stall in Noida Sector 50. Bizarrely, Shankar, accused of Kumar's vanishing, spotted him having momos at the stall. As per Shankar's recollection of the event, he saw a shopkeeper chasing a beggar in rags away from his stall. Shankar, who felt sorry for the man, asked the shopkeeper to feed the beggar as he was repeatedly asking for food.
A 'dead man' from Bihar was found having momos in Noida. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Later, Shankar went on to introduce himself to the beggar. The man in rags also introduced himself in response. The man's response baffled Shankar. The beggar told Shankar that his name was Nishant Kumar. He further added that he was the son of Sachidananda Singh, a resident of Dhruvganj, Naugachia.
Shankar quickly called the police. Soon, the man, who was identified as Kumar, was taken to Sector 13 police station. “Now there is a hope that we will get justice from the court and whoever is guilty in this case, the court will take legal action,” said Ravi.
The cops are trying to find how Kumar reached Delhi.
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