From IBM Security to Noventiq: Here are the top cybersecurity brands using AI to combat emerging threats

In this listicle, we present the most trusted cybersecurity brands that are effectively utilizing AI to combat emerging threats.

Updated Jun 13, 2023 | 05:50 PM IST

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In today's interconnected world, cybersecurity has become more critical than ever before. With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats, organizations and individuals need robust solutions to safeguard their data and digital assets. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in the fight against these evolving threats. In this listicle, we present the most trusted cybersecurity brands that are effectively utilizing AI to combat emerging threats.
IBM Security:
IBM Security is a leading cybersecurity brand known for its advanced AI capabilities. Their Watson AI platform analyzes vast amounts of data to identify patterns and detect anomalies, enabling proactive threat detection and response. With AI-powered solutions like IBM QRadar and IBM Resilient, the company offers comprehensive protection against both known and unknown threats.
Symantec (now NortonLifeLock):
Symantec, now part of NortonLifeLock, has a long-standing reputation in the cybersecurity industry. The company's AI-powered security solutions employ advanced algorithms to detect and prevent emerging threats across various endpoints and networks. With its comprehensive suite of products like Norton 360 and Symantec Endpoint Protection, the brand offers robust AI-driven protection against a wide range of cyber threats.
Cisco Systems:
Cisco Systems is a renowned name in network security, and their AI-driven cybersecurity solutions provide organizations with enhanced threat detection and response capabilities. Their AI-powered platforms, such as Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Talos, use machine learning algorithms to identify malicious activity and block potential threats in real-time, ensuring a secure network environment.
Noventiq (the brand name of Cyprus-registered Softline Holding plc) is a global solutions and services provider in digital transformation and cybersecurity, which has been headquartered and listed in London. The company enables, facilitates and accelerates digital transformation for its customers’ businesses. Noventiq’s AI solutions help in identifying online threats and provides cloud protection.
CrossFraud is an enterprise risk management platform from Manipal Technologies Limited for managing fraud risk, anti-money laundering, and compliance, enhanced with AIML capabilities. CrossFraud® is a self-adaptive system powered by AI that helps organizations in the effective identification & management of financial frauds, money laundering transactions, and credit risk flags. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) to discover invisible correlations and analytics to analyze, financial & non-financial connections, which help in the timely detection of fraud and suspicious transactions.
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