Our history

We’ve been dedicated to our mission for a long time—since 1889, in fact.


Fusajiro Yamauchi began a small business manufacturing “Hanafuda” playing cards in Kyoto, Japan.


Announced a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc. (NOA). Started selling the Game & Watch™ product line.


Developed and began distribution of the coin-operated video game Donkey Kong™. This video game quickly became the hottest selling individual coin-operated machine in the business.


The Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES™) launched in America and became a smash hit.


Mario™ was first introduced in the Super Mario Bros.™ game.


The character Link™ made his first appearance in the Legend of Zelda™ game for NES.


Introduced Game Boy™, the first portable handheld game system. Originally bundled with the Tetris™ game, it was an instant phenomenon.


The 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System™ (Super NES™) was released in the U.S.


The Nintendo 64™ system launched in the U.S. on Sept. 29, along with the critically acclaimed Super Mario 64™ game.


Nintendo introduced Game Boy Color™. Pokémon™, a breakthrough game concept for Game Boy, was introduced to the world and generated a nationwide craze to “Catch ‘em All!”


Launched the Game Boy™ Advance and the Nintendo GameCube™ systems. The Nintendo GameCube was the first Nintendo system to use optical discs instead of cartridges for its games.


Launched the Nintendo DS™, an innovative, dual-screen handheld gaming system.


Nintendo introduced the Wii™ system and with it several advanced features. Wireless motion-sensitive controllers, built-in Wi-Fi capability, and a host of other features made Wii the best-selling later-generation console system in the world.


Wii became the first system purchased by more than 10 million Americans in a single year.


The Nintendo 3DS™ system launched, letting users view and play 3D content without special 3D glasses.


The Wii U™ system launched with the innovative Wii U GamePad controller that offered users new ways to play together, including off-TV. This system also introduced support for amiibo™ accessories.


The Splatoon™ game launched, introducing the squid-kids known as Inklings.


The Nintendo Switch™ system launched, along with hits including Super Mario Odyssey™ and The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild.


The Nintendo Switch Lite system launched. Designed specifically for portable play, the compact system plays the library of Nintendo Switch games that work in handheld mode.

Superstars wanted

Join us in putting smiles on the faces of people around the world.

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“At Nintendo of America, we are constantly working to deliver surprises and "ultimately" smiles to our many customers throughout the Americas.”

Doug Bowser

“At Nintendo, we believe in advancing responsible business practices, supporting human rights, and ensuring that we are continuing to reach ever-higher standards with our business partners and employees.”

Devon Pritchard
Executive Vice President, Business Affairs

"We believe in fostering an inclusive workforce and cultivating an employee base where opportunities are truly available to anyone."

Robyn Corr
Senior Vice President, Human Resources


Our commitments

Being accountable to our customers is one of our most important values. Our goal is to deliver surprises and, ultimately, smiles to our many Nintendo stakeholders, including our consumers, business partners, and employees throughout the Americas. That means advancing responsible business practices, supporting human rights, and ensuring we continue to reach ever-higher standards as we learn and grow.

Smiles for our consumers

To provide all of our consumers with enjoyable gaming experiences, we endeavor to continually create high quality products while learning from consumer feedback.

Smiles for our supply chain

We strive to create an environment that provides our consumers with better products, and we work to accomplish this by cultivating informed and transparent relationships with our production partners, development partners, and sales partners.

Smiles for our employees

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where every employee can take advantage of their strengths and realize their maximum potential.

Environmental effort

To foster a sustainable environment for future generations, Nintendo engages in multiple initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our products. These initiatives range from the formative design stage to post-sale repair and support and continue through to end-of-life recycling.

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