Somvar ke Upay: Worshipping Lord Shiva in these Particular Ways on Monday Will Shower You with his Blessings

Monday’s a devoted to Lord Shiva. It is said that it is the ideal day to worship him as he blesses you and fulfills all your desires. However, one should know the right way and the right kind of worship that needs to be followed while worshipping Lord Shiva so that one can earn his blessings. Let us find out the best way to worship Lord Shiva on a Monday.

Updated Jun 12, 2023 | 06:02 PM IST

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To get Lord Shiva's blessings worship him in these different ways on Monday

To get Lord Shiva's blessings worship him in these different ways on Monday

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When one worships a deity, then there are some basic things that they should possess. The most important thing is faith and devotion, because faith is the only thing that can connect you to the deity and bring sincerity in your prayer and devotion will make you follow the path prescribed by the deity in order to reach your highest form of existence.
However, apart from faith one should also know how and when to pray to a deity, because if one doesn’t follow the correct method of worshipping then there is a good chance that that person’s prayers won’t reach the deity and it will end up being a fruitless exercise.
In Hinduism for instance each day of the week is devoted to a particular deity. Like Monday is devoted to Lord Bholenath or Lord Shiva. It is believed that Monday is the best day to worship Lord Shiva.
This is the reason devotees of Lord Shiva throng to his temples on Mondays to worship him. On the other hand, unmarried girls keep fast on Mondays in the hope of finding a suitable life partner.
It is believed that Shiva is one of the easiest to please deity. So much so that it is said that one does not have to undertake elaborate methods of worship to win his blessings. It is said that he is pleased if one were to offer him only a glass of water with true devotion.
Therefore, apart from fasting and worshipping, some additional measures have been explained which if followed can please Lord Shiva. Let us understand what these measures are and how they help in pleasing Lord Shiva and fulfill your wishes.
Method of worshipping Lord Shiva on Monday
In order to get the blessings of Lord Shiva, one should anoint him using sandalwood on Monday. Applying of the sandalwood on the Shivling, awakens the good fortune of the devotees. It is said that doing this pleases Lord Shiva and brings respect and prosperity for the devotee in the society, by enhancing his social standing.
Secondly, one should do Abhishek of the Shivling with ghee made of cow's milk on Monday. This also pleases Lord Shiva and he blesses his devotees in such a way that it helps to increase their wealth and blesses them with a long life.
Thirdly, to please Mahadev, on Monday one should anoint the Shivling with sugarcane juice. This remedy is said to remove all the hurdles one is facing in their marriage and one’s life is filled with abundance of happiness and prosperity.
Fourthly, on Monday, one should worship Lord Shiva using Akshat, sandalwood, Dhatura, milk, Ganges water and belpatra. Doing so will please Lord Shiva and he will bless that person and fulfill all his wishes.
Fifthly, if you are constantly facing financial problems in your life then you should recite Shiv Raksha Strot on Monday and slowly your money problems will vanish and bless you with abundance of riches. To resolve this problem one can also donate raw rice mixed with black sesame seeds, which blesses you and ensures that there is never a shortage of money and grains in your house.
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