World Kidney Cancer Day 2023 on June 15, 7 Signs You Must Not Ignore

World kidney cancer day will be observed globally on June 15 this year. The theme for the day is 'We need to talk about living with kidney cancer'. The underlying message is the importance of kidney cancer survivorship. Let us know more about the deadly disease and its early signs.

Updated Jun 14, 2023 | 11:06 AM IST

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World Kidney Cancer Day

World Kidney Cancer Day is globally commemorated every year on the 3rd Thursday of June month. Men are particularly more vulnerable than women. (Representational Image)

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World Kidney Cancer Day is globally commemorated every year on the 3rd Thursday of June month to spread word about kidney cancer disease. This year, World Kidney Cancer Day will be observed tomorrow on Thursday, 15 June. The day is an initiative of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition.
Kidney cancer is one of the most prevalent cancers across the globe, ranking on 14th as per some studies. In 2020, globally, 4,31,288 people worldwide were estimated to have kidney cancer with a huge death rate of 41.58%. Men are particularly more vulnerable than women.

World Kidney Cancer Day 2023 Theme

For World kidney cancer day 2023, the theme is 'We need to talk about living with kidney cancer', it aims promotion of good nutrition, incorporating medical side effects of treatment and the significance of social networks.
World Kidney Cancer Day aims at raising awareness about kidney cancer, its prevention, early detection, and treatment options. It also strive to educate the public about the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer and encourage individuals to seek timely medical attention.

7 Signs of Deadly Kidney Cancer Disease

Here are seven signs related to kidney cancer that you must not ignore:
Blood in Urine: The pink, red, or dark-colored urine or the presence of blood in the urine, is one of the common signs of kidney cancer.
Persistent Pain: Persistent pain in the side, lower back, or abdomen, particularly on one side, can be indicative of kidney cancer.
Unexplained Weight Loss: Unintentional weight loss without any apparent cause could be a symptom of various health conditions, including kidney cancer.
Palpable Mass or Lump: In some cases, a palpable mass or lump may be felt in the abdominal area or sides of the body.
Fatigue and Weakness: Persistent fatigue, weakness, and a general feeling of being unwell can sometimes be associated with kidney cancer.
Changes in Urination: Pay attention to any noticeable changes in your urinary habits. This can include frequent urination, a persistent urge to urinate, or difficulty urinating.
Swelling or Lumps in the Abdomen: Kidney cancer can sometimes cause swelling or the appearance of lumps in the abdomen. This can be due to the enlargement of the kidney or the presence of tumors.
It must be noted that these symptoms can also be related to other health conditions, and their presence does not necessarily indicate kidney cancer. However, if you experience any of these symptoms, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and diagnosis. Early detection plays a vital role in the successful treatment of kidney cancer.
Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.
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