Explained: Why Does The World Test Championship Final Always Take Place in England

The first two editions of the World Test Championship (WTC) final have taken place in England. India has featured in both. They played New Zealand at Southampton in 2021, while they are currently playing Australia at the Oval. The 2025 WTC final will also take place in England, with Lord's set to host the game.

Updated Jun 7, 2023 | 04:48 PM IST

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India vs Australia WTC Final 2023 AP

The 2023 WTC final is the second time in a row the summit clash has taken place in England

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  • The 2023 WTC Final is taking place at Oval
  • The 2021 Final took place at Southampton
  • The 20245 final will take place at Lord's
The big day is finally upon us as India and Australia take on each other in the 2023 World Test Championship (WTC) Final at London's Kia Oval as both teams aim to lift the trophy for the first time in history. The winner of this match will join New Zealand as the only two teams to have won the tournament.
The blockbuster clash between India and Australia at the Oval is the second final of the tournament. The summit clash of the first edition of the tournament in 2021 saw New Zealand defeat India at the Rose Bowl in Southampton by eight-wickets in a game severely affected by rain.

Why Does WTC Final Always Take Place in England?
Fans are bound to wonder why the finals of two consecutive editions of the tournament have taken place in England, which puts India at a massive disadvantage due to the alien conditions. In fact, the venue of the 2025 edition has been announced, with Lord's set to host the marquee fixture next time around, which will mean three back-to-back finals in England.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently explained that it is because of the timing of the match. With the WTC cycle ending in March or April, the summit clash has to take place in June before the new cycle begins. The Ashes, starting on June 16, will mark the start of the 2023–25 WTC.
'The way the WTC cycle is set up, we are playing in the northern hemisphere summer. We look for diverse venues, currently as it stands within England. Lord's was considered, but the decision was made to use The Oval for this edition. In terms of the final every two years, the UK very much suits the set up of the tournament because it very much falls in line with the northern hemisphere,'' said ICC General Wasim Khan in a recent interaction with the Press Trust of India (PTI).
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